World Class Multiple Crinoid Specimen

This stunning museum grade crinoid slab has come from the Hunsrück Slate Mine, Bundenbach, Germany. The fine detail and Pyrite highlights create a fabulous assemblage of four different species of Early Devonian Crinoid.

This unique specimen contains four examples Hapalocrinus frehci, two of Parisangulocrinus zaeformis, one Triacrinus elongates and a Taxocrinus stürtzi.

Preparation of this fossil specimen was carried out by specialists using x-ray examination followed by micro abrasion to reveal the fine featherlike detail and Pyrite highlights.

Provenance for this piece is supplied by its’ sale at Sotherby’s, Paris, Histoire Naturelle, in October 2012

Hunsrück Slate Mine, Bunenbach, Germany

Lower Devonian 396-390 Million Years.

This fabulous specimen has now been framed by Ancient Wonders.