Stunning Agatised Jasper Spheres

Beautifully coloured and with ‘Druzy Quartz’ chambers these examples look like planets from another solar system!

Stunning Agatised Jasper Spheres

Agatised Jasper has a very similar structure to Orbicular Jasper but comes from the Northern region of Madagascar. We have a range of stunning spheres ranging from the impressive 100mm diameter ‘globe’ weighing just over 1.7kg to the massive 220mm diameter ‘giant’ weighing over 11.8kg. These spheres have to be seen to be appreciated.

Celebrating 100 Years Since The Formation Of The RAF

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAF we have available framed relics from an original Airco DH-9 bomber. This aircraft saw action at the end of the First World War flying over the Western Front. The pieces that we have are from the main wing spar of the original that has recently been restored by Hawkinge Museum.


Battle of Waterloo: 18th June 1815

To celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo we are producing a limited range of framed items
each of which contains an artefact found on the site of the battle.

The edition has been limited to only 20 numbered and signed frames.

External dimensions approx. 390mm x 310mm
Prices from £89.95