Fossilised (Petrified) Wood from Madagascar

We have available: large & small slices, bevelled ends, spheres & eggs


Labradorite is one of the most beautiful minerals from Madagascar.
It is available in blue, green, gold and red,
although the most sought-after pieces contain all these colours.

We have available: freeforms, spheres, eggs & pebbles

Polychrome Jasper

Also known as Desert or Royal Savannah, Polychrome Jasper is thought to be
the world’s rarest jasper and is already in very short supply.

We have available: free-forms, flame cut, spheres, eggs & pebbles

Yellow Septarian

A combination of Calcite, Mudstone and Aragonite.

We have available: free-forms, spheres, eggs & pebbles

Black Septarian Eggs

Small deposits of Black Septarian have been found in Madagascar.
Black Septarian forms when all the Calcite in Yellow Septarian is transformed into Aragonite.


Celestite from Madagascar is a beautiful, soft blue colour and comes in a variety of forms.

We have available: geodes, eggs & pebbles

Dugway Geodes

Only found in the town of Dugway, Utah, USA.

We have available a variety of different sized geodes