Perfect Peruvian Chrysocolla (Now Sold)

This item is unfortunately now sold,
but if you would like something similar please get in touch.

We have managed to acquire a few gorgeous jewellery grade examples of Chrysocolla from Peru. We have less than a dozen pieces in total, a couple of spheres, three hearts and a few eggs. (We only picked the very finest gem quality examples)
If you collect hearts, spheres or eggs this is a must have. If you are interested contact us as the few examples we have will disappear very quickly.

Perfect Peruvian Chrysocolla

Peru is an excellent source for Chrysocolla and there is a well-known mine called the Lily mine which is about 200 kilometers south of Lima. This mine produces a small quantity of beautiful quality Chrysocolla which is absolutely sky blue and stunning. The chrysocolla we have is of a very high quality and has a wonderful polish and has not needed to be stabilized at all. It has formed with some green Malachite and some black and almost metallic Tenorite. The mix of these colours makes for a very pleasing display piece of quality material. Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper and is one of the more challenging stones to polish. Top quality Chrysocolla is in very limited supply and is likely to disappear fast.