Giant Kranosphictes Ammonite

We are planning to bring a stunning and rare ammonite to the Spring RHS Wisley show this year, open from 2nd – 6th May 2024. The ammonite is a beautiful cream colour and has been professionally prepared right into the centre on both sides, a dream piece for any Interior Designer. The ammonite measures over 46cm at its’ widest is 20cm deep and weighs a chunky 32kg.

These beautiful large ammonites are approximately 160 million years old (Late Jurassic) and are only found near Sakaraha in the Tulear Province of Southwest Madagascar.

As this is very much a ‘one off’, if you are interested in acquiring this fabulous ammonite, please contact us for prices and availability, prior to the show, at or by phone on 01572 812582. We can then work out a way to get it to your car!!