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“Dambusters Reunited” (Now Sold)

This item is unfortunately now sold,
but if you would like something similar please get in touch.

Regulars to our stand at Fairs and Shows around the country have probably heard me talk about my framing of eight pieces of the ‘Dambusters’ and the signed print by Robert Taylor. Well it is finally time for us to part with this unique piece of history. Framed behind ‘Tru Vue’ Conservation Clear glass each piece of aircraft is individually certified to be genuine and as described.

If you are interested in acquiring this fabulous piece of WWII history please get in touch with us via the website or directly at The price and detailed photographs of the aircraft pieces and signatures are available on request.



On the night of 16th May 1943 nineteen specially adapted Avro Lancasters took off from RAF Scampton in three waves. Led by Wing Commander Guy Gibson, the targets were the key dams supplying power to the heavy industry in the Ruhr.

Of the 19 aircraft that took off only 11 returned to base after their successful mission. Of the eight aircraft that did not return seven have been found and excavated. This historic picture contains an individually certified piece from each of those seven aircraft. It also contains a piece of  O ‘Orange’, which did return from the raid but was subsequently shot down whilst on a SEO arms drop for the French Resistance on 11th December 1943.

All eight pieces of Dambuster have been acquired by Ancient Wonders from respected aviation archaeologists and the companies that they manage. 

The relic pieces are as follows:

AJ-A  ‘Apple’ ED877 – North of Ijmuiden, Netherlands

AJ-B ‘Baker’ ED864 – Near Marbeck, Germany

AJ-C ‘Charlie’ ED910 – Near Hamm, Germany

AJ-E ‘Easy’ ED927 – Near Haldern, Germany

AJ-M ‘Mother’ ED925 – Near Ostönnen, Germany

AJ-O ‘Orange’ ED886 – Near Terramesil, France

AJ-S ‘Sugar’ ED865 – North Brabant, Netherlands

AJ-Z ‘Zebra’ ED937 – Near Emmerich, Germany

The centre piece of this picture is a print by Robert Taylor, titled ‘The Dambusters’ and depicts the number three aircraft, P ‘Popsie, flown by Flight Lieutenant Mick Martin, on its’ run at the Moehne Dam. Guy Gibson’s aircraft is shown flying ahead of Martin’s in an attempt to distract the flak gunners.

The print is signed in pencil by six of the surviving Dambuster raid pilots, four Bomber Command Victoria Cross holders and Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris.

The signatures are as follows:

Arthur T. Harris

Ken Brown – Pilot F ‘Freddie’

Geoff Rice – Pilot H ‘Harry’

David Shannon – Pilot L ‘Leather’

Bill Townsend – Pilot O ‘Orange’

Harry ‘Mick’ Martin Pilot – P ‘Popsie’

Joe McCarthy Pilot – T ‘Tommy’

Leonard Cheshire VC

Norman Jackson VC

Rodrick Learoyd VC

William Reid VC