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Probably The Best Ever!!

We are planning to bring to RHS Wisley, 2nd – 6th May 2024, this fabulous, framed pair of Hyphalosaurus. The external frame dimensions are approximately 105cm wide by 85cm high. If you are interested in purchasing this museum quality pair please contact us for additional information, price and availability, prior to the show, at:
or by phone 01572 812582.

Hyphalosaurus lingyuanensis or Sinohydrosaurus

Lingyuan, Liaoning Province, China

Cretaceous Period 125 Million Years Old.

The reptile Hyphalosaurus/ Sinohydrosaurus was discovered in 1999 by two independent teams of Palaeontologists working in Beijing, thus explaining the two names. This fossil was found in the Yixian Formation, the same shale formation as the recently discovered ‘link’ between reptiles and birds.

Complete and well defined fossil remains are extremely rare, especially large, mature examples such as these specimens. When fully grown the Hyphalosaurus measures approximately 20 – 30 inches. This is one of only two pairs known to be in private hands.

This pair was purchased by Ancient Wonders in Mid 2003 from an American company, owned by Lowell Carhart, based in Japan and the US, called ‘Eons Ago’. They were the only company to have a genuine license to bring fossils out of Liaoning Province and they supplied individuals and museums around the world. They supplied a number of items, including two individual Hyphalosaurus, to the British Natural History Museum for their ‘Dino bird’ exhibition in 2003. Ancient Wonders verified this by visiting the Natural History Museum during the ‘Dino bird’ exhibition and checking with staff.

In late 2003 ‘Eons Ago’ put up for sale five pairs of Hyphalosaurus. Ancient Wonders purchased the best two pairs, the other pairs reportedly being sold to museums in the United States. The export of fossils from Liaoning province was stopped at the end of 2003 and no new examples have come to market since that date.

Ancient Wonders guarantees that this pair of Hyphalosaurus are genuine and as described. The preparation of the specimens is exactly the same as the specimens held by the British Natural History Museum.

Enormous Ammonite Pair

We will be bringing to RHS Wisley, 2nd – 6th May 2024, a stunning and truly massive pair of ammonites. Each half stands 58cm tall, 47cm wide and each weigh approximately 25kg. ‘We promise to help carry these to your car!!’

This beautiful world class specimen has the classic spiral structure of the Cretaceous ammonites but also has fabulous ‘Honey Calcite’ crystals in many of the chambers. The reverse of each ammonite has also been polished to reveal the crystal structure meaning it can be displayed from the front or back.

These ammonites rarely come to market and when they do, they are snapped up very quickly. If you are interested in this glorious pair of ammonites please contact us before coming to RHS Wisley as they are likely to be sold early on at the show.

Please contact us for prices and availability, prior to the show, at or by phone 01572 812582.

Giant Kranosphictes Ammonite

We are planning to bring a stunning and rare ammonite to the Spring RHS Wisley show this year, open from 2nd – 6th May 2024. The ammonite is a beautiful cream colour and has been professionally prepared right into the centre on both sides, a dream piece for any Interior Designer. The ammonite measures over 46cm at its’ widest is 20cm deep and weighs a chunky 32kg.

These beautiful large ammonites are approximately 160 million years old (Late Jurassic) and are only found near Sakaraha in the Tulear Province of Southwest Madagascar.

As this is very much a ‘one off’, if you are interested in acquiring this fabulous ammonite, please contact us for prices and availability, prior to the show, at or by phone on 01572 812582. We can then work out a way to get it to your car!!

“Say It With Diamonds”

Beautifully framed Madagascan ammonites presented in a diamond shaped opening rather than square, makes them stand out more than ever. Launched shortly before ‘lockdown’, examples of these eye catching pictures will be on our stand at this years’ shows.

World Class Multiple Crinoid Specimen

This stunning museum grade crinoid slab has come from the Hunsrück Slate Mine, Bundenbach, Germany. The fine detail and Pyrite highlights create a fabulous assemblage of four different species of Early Devonian Crinoid.

This unique specimen contains four examples Hapalocrinus frehci, two of Parisangulocrinus zaeformis, one Triacrinus elongates and a Taxocrinus stürtzi.

Preparation of this fossil specimen was carried out by specialists using x-ray examination followed by micro abrasion to reveal the fine featherlike detail and Pyrite highlights.

Provenance for this piece is supplied by its’ sale at Sotherby’s, Paris, Histoire Naturelle, in October 2012

Hunsrück Slate Mine, Bunenbach, Germany

Lower Devonian 396-390 Million Years.

This fabulous specimen has now been framed by Ancient Wonders.

Massive Fossil Wood – Recently Arrived!

Ancient Wonders - A Fossil wood massive red 55cm

Just arrive from Madagascar this slice of fossil wood, from the ‘Araucaria’ or Monkey puzzle tree, is truly fantastic. Cut and polished on both sides to reveal the warm reds and golds. The preservation is so good that you can almost count the growth rings. Weighing in at over 11kg and 55cm across at its widest point this is a simply massive piece of 250 million year old fossil wood from the North West coast of Madagascar.

Beautiful Fossil Wood – Newly Arrived!

Ancient Wonders - Fossil wood beautiful 54cm

Just arrive from Madagascar this slice of fossil wood, from the ‘Araucaria’ or Monkey puzzle tree, is truly fantastic. Cut and polished on both sides to reveal the warm creams and golds. The preservation is so good that you can almost count the growth rings. The hole in the centre has, very unusually, been replaced by a stunning banded agate. Weighing in at over 10kg and 54cm across at its widest point this is a very impressive piece of 250 million-year-old fossil wood from the North West coast of Madagascar.

Ancient Wonders - Fossil wood beautiful 54cm centre

Triassic Fish From Madagascar

Just acquired from an old French Collection are a small range of these beautiful and very rare, 250 Million Year old, Triassic Fish Nodules from Madagascar. Framed either as singles or as pairs they are striking and an amazing present for the “Fisherman” in your family.

Triassic Fish From Madagascar
Triassic Fish From Madagascar

Celebrating 100 Years Since The Formation Of The RAF

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the formation of the RAF we have available framed relics from an original Airco DH-9 bomber. This aircraft saw action at the end of the First World War flying over the Western Front. The pieces that we have are from the main wing spar of the original that has recently been restored by Hawkinge Museum.


Battle of Waterloo: 18th June 1815

To celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo we are producing a limited range of framed items
each of which contains an artefact found on the site of the battle.

The edition has been limited to only 20 numbered and signed frames.

External dimensions approx. 390mm x 310mm
Prices from £89.95