Aircraft Relics

Over the past few years we have been building up a collection of aircraft relics from World War II.
Below is a list of aircraft available at the beginning of 2017. Many of
these aircraft are from famous air battles and are therefore in short supply
and with such a wide range we can’t bring every item to each show.

If there is an aircraft in which you are particularly interested,
please contact us so that we can confirm availability and arrange to
bring it to a show near you.

Prices from £69.95

Size approx. 390mm x 310mm

British World War II Aircraft Relics

British World War 2 - Spitfire Time Team P9373 - Ancient Wonders

Spitfire P9364 Ernest Scott – 27th September 1940 s/d Werner Molders

Spitfire P9373 Paul Klipsch – 23rd May 1940 Featured on Time Team

Spitfire P9469 Paul Broadhurst -7th October 1940

Spitfire R6690 Geoff Gaunt – 15th September 1940 “Battle of Britain Day”

Spitfire R6779 George Corbett – 8th October 1940

Spitfire R6603 Douglas Corfe – 18th September 1940 Battle of Britain day 71

Spitfire X4035 William Gordon – 6th September 1940 Battle of Britain day 59

Spitfire X4822 John Brewster – 6th April 1941 Dogfight practice

Hurricane P3815 F.Kozlowski – 18th August 1940 “The Hardest Day” s/d Schoepfel (Famous dogfight)

Hurricane N2617 Donald McKay – 18th August 1940 “The Hardest Day” s/d Schoepfel (Famous dogfight)

Hurricane P2836 Leslie Pidd – 15th September 1940 “Battle of Britain Day”

Hurricane P3063 H. Morgan-Gray – 3rd September 1940 Battle of Britain day 56

Hurricane V7500 Count Manfred Beckett Czernin – Shot down by Adolf Galland

Lancaster DV401 G.A. Tull – 3rd January 1943 Berlin bombing run

Lancaster ED694 William Swire – 3rd April 1943 s/d Von Bonin night fighter ace

Lancaster ND401 Jack Mc Gill – 24th March 1944 Last mass raid on Berlin

Lancaster ND859 Claude Hart – 12th July 1944 Mid-air collision

Lancaster NG447 Lionel Hodge – 9th April 1945 Bombed and sank Battleship Admiral Scheer

Halifax R9452 J.N. Hobbs – 13th April 1942 Mission to bomb Tirpitz

Halifax W1041 D. Bennett – 27th/28th April 1942 Second Tirpitz mission

Mosquito DZ609 Charles Armstrong – 12th June 1944 Berlin raid

United States World War II Aircraft Relics

B17 Flying Fortress ‘Dorsal Queen’ – 30th October 1943 Mid-air collision

B17 Flying Fortress ‘Fertile Myrtle III’ – 16th December 1943 Curtis Le May aircraft

B24 Liberator ‘Hello Natural’ – 3rd June 1944 Crashed on landing

WACO G4 Glider – 17th – 25th September 1944 Operation Market Garden

German World War II Aircraft Relics

German World War 2 - Stuka Oak - Ancient Wonders

Ju87 Stuka Wnr 5518 Johannes Wilhelm – 18th August 1940 ‘The Hardest Day’

Ju88 Wnr 293 K.H. Lutze – 27th September 1940 Battle of Britain day 80

Me Bf110 Wnr 3185 H.D. Albert – 7th September 1940 s/d by Douglas Bader

Me Bf109 Wnr 2803 Friedrich Klotz – 15th September 1940 ‘Battle of Britain Day’

Me Bf109 Wnr 1966 G. Buesgen – 12th October 1940 s/d Scott-Malden

Me Bf109 Wnr 1145 Fritz Wagelein – 30th November 1940 Biggin Hill’s 600th Victory

Me Bf109 Wnr 8350 Albert Schlager – 9th April 1941 ‘Hit Douglas Bader’s Spitfire’

FW 190 Wnr 840006 Kurt Geisler – 6th September 1943 German ace “s/d” by Mosquito

V1 Flying Bomb “Doodlebug” crashed Tillingham, Essex 1944

V2 Rocket crashed Chigwell, Essex – 2nd March 1945

German World War 2 - Biggin Hill 600 Dark - Ancient Wonders